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The Story

It all started 41 years ago when our late father Dr. Pedro Diaz was immersed in the culture of Santa Maria Style BBQ. The best part about this is he was not the best pit master or had a culinary degree, but man he was the best backseat pit master/chef/food critic there ever could be. He was blessed with an impeccable food pallet. He also knew how to leverage his resources (us kids) to do the dirty work. He would have us kids run the BBQ and and he would ask us to add and mix ingredients to make the famous family marinade and dry rub. All while making sure the taste was to exact flavor. We have lots of fun stories we can share about our late father and our crazy family, but really this business is in honor of him and enduring effort to share Santa Maria Style BBQ with the World.

The Crew


Chris Diaz

Head of Quality Control and Flavor

Chris loves his Santa Maria Style BBQ. The proof is in the belly. He has documented all of the family recipes for dry-rub and marinades. He can ensure great consistency and quality with each piece of Tri-Tip that is cooked. He has been BBQing before he could see over the pit.

Greg Rivaldi

Head Chef

Greg is the leader. The oldest, wisest, and baldest of the three of us. He has cooked and served Santa Maria Style BBQ for over hundreds of our service men and women across the globe along with just as many Oakland Raider Fans. He has impeccable pallet for good quality taste in Santa Maria Style BBQ.

Dave Rivaldi

Executive Pit Master

Dave can basically BBQ anything. He has taken his passion for Santa Maria Style BBQ and shared it with the world. Dave has cooked and served thousands of people Santa Maria Style BBQ in multiple locations across the United States and remote parts of the world, such as the Middle East and Europe.