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The Story

It all started when three brothers were raised on the Central Coast of California. We grew up loving the distinct local fare that our family fed us from a young age: Santa Maria Style BBQ. Our grandfather first grilled Tri Tip on wood spits with his friends from the Lompoc Valley Club. When our late father, Dr. Pedro Diaz, first came to Santa Maria almost fifty years ago, he fell in love with Santa Maria Style BBQ. He rarely manned the grill himself, but instead taught his sons to prepare him the best Santa Maria Tri Tip boys taught by a great backseat pit master/chef/food critic could make. Growing up, we learned to cook the finest cakes (from our grandmother), make the best beans (from our aunt) and ate more of the finest rice (made by our mother) than we can remember. In 2018, we decided to share our love of great Santa Maria Style BBQ and the culinary lessons our family taught us with the world. We opened a farmer’s market booth and supported several large events, bringing Santa Maria Style BBQ to the people. We named our business after the biggest fan of Santa Maria Style BBQ we know, our dad Pedro. 

The Crew


Chris Diaz

Head of Quality Control and Flavor

Chris loves his Santa Maria Style BBQ. The proof is in the belly. He has documented all of the family recipes that we use and is the master organizer of all of our efforts. He can ensure great consistency and quality with each piece of Tri-Tip that is cooked. He has been BBQing before he could see over the pit.

Greg Rivaldi

Head Chef

Greg is the leader. The oldest, wisest, and baldest of the three of us. He has cooked and served Santa Maria Style BBQ for over hundreds of our service men and women across the globe along with just as many Oakland Raider fans. He has impeccable pallet for perfection in Santa Maria Style BBQ.

Dave Rivaldi

Executive Pit Master

Dave can basically BBQ anything. He has taken his passion for Santa Maria Style BBQ and shared it with the world. Dave has cooked and served thousands of people Santa Maria Style BBQ in multiple locations across the United States and remote parts of the world, including Afghanistan and Germany.